Discovery Tour


The half day tour starts at 8.45 AM with an easy 35 meter toprope climb. You are belayed by a guide from above for maximum security. This is a nice and gentle climb, guided all the way to the summit. On top of the hill you are rewarded with breathtaking views of Kampot’s countryside, the islands in the ocean, the salt fields, Bokor Mountain and on a clear day we see as far as Phu Quoc (Vietnam).


Up on the mountain starts the first Via Ferrata. A Via Ferrata is a steel cable that is attached to the rock which you are clipped onto twice. Safely being clipped on, we traverse atop the mountain to the other side. While traversing you can take pictures of unforgettable landscapes with your camera, carried by the guides for you.


The Via Ferrata ends at a big hole atop the mountain which goes 30 meters (100 feet) vertically down inside the caves. This is where you do the abseiling. There are 2 ways to abseil down. One has contact with the rock the whole time so you can jump around while the other abseil happens in thin air, very Zen. This is a ride you will never forget!


When you touch the ground we strap a headlight on your helmet and we go for a big tour through these magnificent caves. There are kilometers of passageways inside this mountain. Walking and climbing your way through a maze of corridors, you encounter big stalactites, shrines, unique flora and fauna. These could be the ideal settings for an Indiana Jones movie. Meanwhile the guide tells you about the history of these caves during Khmer Rouge era and when the caves used to be a monastery. And … 2 more Via Ferratas lead you safely out of the caves to the top and back again to the heart of the mountain.


Clipping off the last Via Ferrata, you exit the mountain on the Westside of the mountain. It takes you right into the agricultural countryside life at its purest. This 5 minute walk back to the starting point is a true genuine glimpse of rural Cambodian villages, filled with friendly children yelling ‘hello’s’, walking through vegetable gardens and rice fields, you can hear the pigs being fed and see coconut trees being climbed. Our five guides, Seyha, Heng, Song, Tav and Nak are local young men. Living up in the village next to the mountain, they know the caves inside out and are an abundant source of local information.


To finish this half day we do some proper rock climbing, toproped. Enough to make you tired. Don’t worry about not having any or little previous experience as we hang the ropes on the more feasible routes. There are 16 routes in total so for the more experienced climber we can always hang them in something harder if necessary. We guarantee you’ll be physically exhausted and leave the site happy and content with everlasting impressions.


The tour starts at 8:45 AM and takes around 4 hours.

The price is 40$. This includes the guides, climbing gear (not climbing shoes) and water.

The climbing site is situated at Phnom Kbal Romeas, a picturesque mountain 15 minutes away from town by moto towards Kep. Transport is not included in the price but we can arrange a tuktuk for you or you can rent a moto or bicycle. A map is provided during the briefing the evening before the tour and there a signposts along the way

Wear a T-shirt and shorts and lace up shoes (sneakers or trainers). If you don’t have any shoes we will provide them for you, free of charge. Climbing shoes are not included in this tour and are not a necessity. If you’d like to rent them anyway, they are 2.5$ a pair.

The caves provide cool air and shade as well as shelter from the rain during rainy season. This tour is available all year round.

If you want to make a reservation, you can contact us here. Or you can meet us at our office in the centre of town (google maps). This way we can answer any questions, give you a map of the site and collect the deposit to confirm the booking.