Prehistoric Caves and Ancient Temples

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Longest Cave

With over 2 km Climbodia has the longest documented caves.

Wonders of Nature

Behold impressive stalactites, flowstone, columns and more.

Keep it Safe

Explore safely attached to cables using Via Ferratas ropes and ladders.

Temples and Buddhas

Encounter old temples, shrines and a Sleeping Buddha statue.

Fauna and Flora

Home of bats, owls and many species of animals and vegetation.

Light Show

Enjoy colourful lights revealing the caves most precious rock formations.

Caving inside millions of years of history.

  • The Discovery Tour and the Khmer Highlight Tour offer the same amazing 1 hour caving tour. 2 Via Ferratas escort us safely through 2 different caving areas. We encounter impressive stalactites, old shrines and Buddha statues.
  • The Big Caving Tour consists of caving only with a beautiful viewpoint on top of the mountain halfway the tour. There are 2 long caving sessions. One has a long Via Ferrata to clip onto, the other is made accessible with the aid of ladders and ropes.
  • The Return offers you the choice between a full or half hour caving tour as a break from rock climbing. This half hour session is different part of the mountain and is not done in any other tour. It requires some climbing skills, yet very rewarding.
Caving map of the caves showing 2 kilometers of caves

The longest documented cave in Cambodia.