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All you need to know about Entry Fee, Gear Rental & Topo.

Live to climb

Climb to travel

Got all your own gear and can’t wait to caress that limestone? You’re welcome to try our bolted routes for a small contribution.


Price: One time only 10$ Entry Fee. Pay once, come back as many times as you like.

Why?: Like many other outdoor places, Climbodia is located at government land. Unlike many other places, local authorities impose a ‘contribution’ to use this site for climbing. If you appreciate what we’ve done so far, just pay 10$ and you can climb as many times as you like.

Helmets: Local authorities also impose strict safety measures on Climbodia. You are obliged to wear a climbing helmet while climbing and belaying all the time.

Availability: All year. The caves provide cool air in hot season and shade as well as shelter from the rain during rainy season.

Minimum Age: +14 years. All -18 persons must be accompanied by an adult.

Transport: Read our route description here.

Bookings: Contact us before you plan to visit us at the mountain.

Need some gear?

We got what you need

Have your harness and shoes? Need a helmet? We rent out quality gear such as Petzl, Black Diamond and Singing Rock.

Full Gear Rental for 2 Climbers


Price: 50$ for 2 climbers.

Duration: Half or Full Day between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm.

Deposit: Valid ID, pasport or driver’s license.


  • 2 Entry Fees
  • 1 Rope 60m
  • 2 Harnesses
  • 2 Pair of shoes
  • 10 Quickdraws
  • 5 Carabiners
  • 1 Belay device
  • 2 Slings
  • 2 Helmets
  • 1 Chalk bag

Gear Rental per Item


Entry Fee: On your first visit you are asked a 10$ Entry Fee per person.

Rental Duration: Half or Full Day between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm.

Deposit: Valid ID, passport or driver’s license.

Price per Item:

  • Harness 10$
  • Shoes 5$
  • Quickdraws 2,5$
  • Rope 10$
  • Belay Device 2,5$
  • Slings and carabiners 2,5$
  • Helmet 2,5$
  • Chalk Bag 1,25$

Please contact us at least 1 day in advance if you want to rent gear

or find out if there are other solo Independent Climbers looking for a partner.

The only Guidebook you really need!

Get up to date

Climbing Topo and Routes

We have equipped Sector Duvel and Sector Evil Eyes situated at the main entrance of the mountain with 16 routes.

Inside the mountain we are developing a new area with 5 routes so far.

These routes remain dry and shaded all year long. Half of both sectors on the outside remain shaded and dry thanks to the overhanging caves. The caves breathe out a beautiful cool 24° Celsius.

New area inside the caves. 

Work in progress!

Note: Daelim Dash has an anchor but no bolts (yet).

All the names are painted on the rock and there is a topo on the noticeboard at the site.