Full Gear Rental 2 Pax Half or Full day 50$

1 rope 60m

2 harnesses

2 pair of shoes

10 quickdraws

5 carabiners

1 belay device

2 slings

2 helmets

1 chalk bag

Independent Climbers  

10$ Entry Fee per person

If you are 2 people and you have all your gear or wish to rent some, there is a 1 time only 10$ entry fee per person (excluding gear rental). On any other visit you pay for what you rent only. Safety is paramount so climbing helmets are obligatory for climber and belayer.

Gear Rental per Item

Half or Full day

Harness 10$

Shoes 5$

Quickdraws 2,5$

Rope 10$

Belay Device 2,5$

Slings and carabiners 2,5$

Helmet 2,5$

If our strict safety measures or entry fee raise your eyebrows, read more about Independent Climbers.

Please contact us at least 1 day in advance if you want to rent gear

or find out if there are other solo Independent Climbers looking for a partner.

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