So much more than just climbing …

Inside the Heart of Cambodian Countryside

If you’re into sightseeing the Discovery and Khmer Highlight Tour will be the climax of your Cambodian journey.

Sightseeing on Top of the Mountain

While overlooking the islands in the Gulf of Thailand, an ocean of rice fields, majestic countryside mountains and the vast salt fields, you’ll find a tremendous sense of achievement and an amazing view to take in.

Sightseeing inside the Caves

Inside this labyrinth of caves we explore natural wonders. Stalactites and stalagmites in all shapes adorned by ancient roots never seize to astound. There is lots to tell about the remnants of ancient and recent history inside this subterranean adventure.

Sightseeing around the Mountain

The cavses, embedded in local culture and religion hide the remnants of a Buddhist, Cham and Chinese temple, as well as a impressive Sleeping Buddha statue. Around the mountain you’ll encouter a colourful display of fruits and vegetables like jackfruit and tamarind.

Ancient Caves and Holy Ruins

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Adventure Sightseeing inside Millions of Years of History

Caving map of the caves showing 2 kilometers of caves

Longest Cave

With over 1,8 km of length Climbodia has the longest documented caves in Cambodia.

Wonders of Nature

Behold impressive stalactites, dripping stone and various rock formations.

Fauna and Flora

The caves are home to exceptional species of animals and jungle like vegetation.

Temples and Buddhas

Encounter old temples in ruins and a Sleeping Buddha statue inside the mountain.

Our tours are designed to witness extraordinary places of nature, not to pollute or destroy it. We recycle all plastic and keep the site tidy.

Climbodia believes in local empowerment and employs local young men.

Living close to the mountain they can identify all kinds of vegetation and share a lot of local history. Click here to Meet Your Guides.