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Lukas, 4c:

Up till now the easiest of the site, dedicated to my godchild Lukas. This short gentle slope starts inside the corridor.

Window Licker, 5a:

Simply beautiful. After an interesting start we gently traverse towards a ‘window’ through the caves with a breathtaking view of Cambodian countryside.

Primadonna, 5b:

The first bolted route of Climbodia! The same start as Window Licker, but we continue on the left. You will find the crux halfway the route (don’t forget the left foothold that you can not see) with a technical end. Feel free to use the root before the anchor.

Den E40/ Den E411, 5c/6a+:

A technical start with hidden grips, follow the bolts in the corner to the first anchor. Then starts the exciting 2nd part out of the caves. You can either stay on the left climbing frontal or stem your way up using the slab on the right. Powerful roof outclimb. Love it!

Sunset Boulevard, 6a:

Ah, one of Climbodia’s favorite! We start off with a firm boulder and after we chimney our way up and out of the caves where you are rewarded with the best view of Bokor and the ocean. Lovely plateau atop for sunset.

Pleu Tmor, 6b:

Literally, Road of Rock, again a firm boulder to start with (right of Sunset Boulevard). Then it is a technical straight line up. No resting places and it gets harder towards the end. Very satisfaying.

Incubus, 6b:

Gentle start with a highly interesting roof. Stem your legs to the max while crossing it.

Snakeskin, 6b:

A hard start followed by a technical sequence of interesting chimney moves. Along the way you will find some intact snakeskins.

The Underdog, 6b+:

2 very appealing gentle overhangs perfectly divided by the only resting spot. Calussus are a plus for the beginning.

Janus, 6b+:

After the powerful overhang follow the obvious crack. The 2nd part is darker with easy moves. Belayer is asked to spot till the first bolt.

Sonic the Hedgehog, 6c:

As the name might suggest, calusses are a must for this spiky route. After a hard beginning we cross the roof, after the dulfer find the right crack for your left. Do not climb out too much on the left. The crux is at the end.

Succubus, 6c:

Lovely gentle overhang to start with a very technical slab (the only slab so far!) starting halfway the route. Not for pussies!!

The Grid, 6c+:

Referring to my favorite childhood movie Tron. The route is just as spectacular. Climb the first 2 bolts of Beauty and the Beast and step over to the other side behind you. After the only resting place halfway, use the small crimp on the far right to continue.

Life is Backgammon, 6c+:

After a challenging start we stem our way acrobatically inside the chimney. Get ready for some horizontal bridging. Love it or hate it.

She’s Chemistry, 7a:

Start on the right and stay on the left of the slab. Interesting moves all the way with a hard crux at the very end.

Beauty and the Beast, 7a+:

Gentle start till the roof. 2 ways of conquering that roof, the beasty way straight up dyno, or the more refined technical feminine way on the right (don’t go in the chimney, no stemming), the beauty.

Please read the Note for Independent Climbers here