Meet your guides…




Climbodia is founded and organized by David, a passionate Belgian climber. In 2013, David combined his passion with his love for Cambodia by creating the first sports rock climbing site in the country, located in beautiful Kampot. David has worked in several climbing gyms in Belgium and Nepal and is experienced in sports and traditional climbing, single and multi-pitch. He is also familiar with setting up rock climbing routes and via ferratas.







Tineke is from Belgium as well and has been climbing for 13 years. Being David’s partner, Tineke is the real driving force behind Climbodia. If you are lucky you might witness some exquisite techniques as she scales the site’s most difficult climbs. And if you’re really lucky she might be your lead climbing instructor!  Besides being the most passionate climber, she also leads a research team investigating immune responses against dengue at the Pasteur Institute in Phnom Penh.







21 years. Seyha is our number one guide. He has been with Climbodia since the very beginning. After graduating from high school, Seyha became a full time guide. His English is very good with a warm and friendly character. Living in the village next to the mountain, he knows the caves inside out and can tell you a lot about local history. His parents and siblings run a local restaurant just over the railway. Khmer delicacies…







21 years. Heng joined the team in July 2014 after graduating from high school. He is a very strong climber with technical insight. Growing up next to the mountain makes him an ideal guide. You will usually find Heng smiling broadly and always improving his ‘style’. Heng started a Bachelor in Veterinary since January 2015, which means he’s at school all weekend. Thumbs up!




20 years. Song has been with us since 1st December 2014. Don’t let Song’s crooked teeth give you the wrong impression. This lovely young man, living in spitting distance of the site has a very friendly character. As flexible with climbing, Song can guide all ages and is wonderful with kids. He knows the caves inside out and has proven to be an adequate climbing guide.






Nak is the oldest of the guides. He has a lovely wife and son and lives only 1 km north of the mountain. Nak is always highly attentive and has a very positive outlook on life.






Tav also grew up in the village and after secondary school he became a guide in Koh Rong for a while. Missing his friends and family he returned to the village and became a guide here. He is a great team member and not too shy to crack a joke.





All tips go to our Khmer guides. Thanks.