Lead Climbing Course

Have Experience? Why not learn more?

You are an adequate toprope climber and you feel it is time to take on some lead climb action before you head out to climbing places in South-East Asia? Climbodia can teach you all there is to know to safely lead climb and belay.

Part of the course is climbing our incredible routes to get familiar with the style, meanwhile we teach you as much technique there is to know. In between climbs we practice how to hang quickdraws correctly and clip in smoothly, how to position yourself regarding the rope, how to build an anchor at the top, clean the route, teach you useful knots and rope handling.

Safety is paramount that’s why our experienced guides assist you every step of the way and are watching over you as you build your very first outdoor anchor. Excitement guaranteed!


The course is by appointment and takes around 4 hours. There is a 2 half day lead climb course for beginner toprope climbers and a 1 half day course for more experienced toprope climbers.

Each climbing session is 45$. This includes the guides, all climbing equipment, climbing shoes and water. No discounts apply for bringing your own shoes and/or harness.

The climbing site is situated at Phnom Kbal Romeas, a picturesque mountain 15 minutes away from town by moto towards Kep. Transport is not included in the price but we can arrange a tuktuk for you or you can rent a moto or bicycle. A map is provided during the briefing the evening before the tour and there a signposts along the way.

Wear a T-shirt and shorts. The routes are inside the caves and shady. Adorned with cool air coming from the caves this is the coolest place to be on a hot day. In rainy season, the caves keep most routes dry, so climbing can be done all year round.

If you want to make a reservation, you can contact us here. Or you can meet us at our office in the centre of town (google maps). This way we can answer any questions, give you a map of the site and collect the deposit to confirm the booking.