Independent Climbers

Dear Climbers,

Thank you for your interest in this new site. The name of this site is Phnom Kbal Romeas. It is classified as a Prehistoric Heritage site and local authorities impose rent and various licenses for Climbodia to turn it into a climbing site.

Therefore Independent Climbers who wish to use the climbing site are asked to pay a one time fee of USD 10 per person, regardless of how many times you frequent the site.

Local authorities also impose strict safety measures on Climbodia. In order to keep our safety regulations as tight as possible you are obliged to wear a climbing helmet while climbing and belaying all the time. If you don’t have one, Climbodia will rent you one, as well as any other climbing gear you need. The Climbodia guides present at the site will ask you to wear it for your own safety.

This USD10 does not apply if you attend a tour or course or rent FULL GEAR for 2 people organized by Climbodia.

Enjoy and keep it safe.


Climbodia Management