You carry your harness and climbing shoes to the other side of the world? That is dedication!

Climbing Traveler Discount

2,5$ on tours

A climbing traveler has his/her own climbing shoes in the suitcase all the time. Although somewhat smelly and little of use except for climbing, you bring them along anyway. Seeing places is important to you and climbing just makes it perfect. You deserve a 2,5$ discount on all our tours.

Traveling Climber Discount

5$ on 4 hour tours and 2,5$ on 2,5 hour tours

A traveling climber, usually carrying little more than a small backpack containing climbing shoes and harness accompanied by few clothes and even less toiletries, regards climbing as the purpose and traveling the means to do so. You deserve 5$ discount on all our 4 hour tours and 2,5$ on our 2,5 hour tours and eternal climbing-merit.

If you are one of these, claim your discount when you contact us or meet us at our office.

This discount applies for tours only, not the Independent Climbers Entry Fee.